Wylde, John (1781 - 1859)

Born: England (London)

Former Judge Advocate of NSW (1815-1825) with stock interests at Wellington Valley. Later Chief Justice of the Cape Supreme Court; brother of Lord Chancellor Wylde


Career Highlights

John Wylde was born in London in 1781. He was educated at St. Paul's School and Cambridge, and was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in 1805. He was Judge Advocate of NSW (1815-1825), and appointed first Chief Justice of the Cape Supreme Court (1827-1855). He died in Cape Town in 1859.' [see Eric Rosenthal, Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa]

Wylde was one of the Sydney based pastoralists whose agents grazed stock on the government reserve west of Bathurst from 1822. Wylde's convict stockmen and overseers were involved in conflicts that culminated in the declaration of martial law at Bathurst in 1824. The same men established the first private stock station in Wellington Valley at Gobolion the following year, after Wylde received a Ticket of Occupation.


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