Rogers, Dennis

Born: England (Gloucester)

Emancipist; Principal Overseer of Government Stock at Wellington Valley


Career Highlights

Dennis Rogers, identified in the Journals as “Thomas” Rogers (Watson Journal, October-December 1832, pp.8-10) was transported in 1816 after receiving a life sentence at Gloucester Assiz. Rogers was attached to the Bathurst Stock Department from 1823, and drove the first herds to the Wellington Valley agricultural between 1823-1825. He was attached to the Wellington Valley establishment from 1825, when his services were appropriated by Lt. Simpson. During the following years he worked as a mounted stockman, chiefly in charge of collecting stray cattle and overseeing cattle drafts over the mountains. Stock Superintendent John Maxwell promoted Rogers to Principal Overseer of Government Stock in 1828, and he retained the position after receiving his Certificate of Freedom in 1831. Rogers suffered a severe and debilitaing injury shortly after the missionaries arrived at Wellington Valley.