Antill, Major Henry Colden (1779 - 1852)

Born: New York

Retired officer, magistrate and superintendent of police, formerly of the 73rd and ADC to Governor Macquarie till 1815, now settled at Jarvisfield near Campbelltown.

Career Highlights

Born New York, son of Major John Antill. Henry served with the 73rd Highland Regiment (Lachlan Macquarie's Regiment) in India, seeing action at Seringapatam. He was prompoted Captain and came with the 73rd to NSW, arriving on 1 January 1810, when he was appointed aide-de-camp to Governor Macquarie. He was promoted to Major of Brigades (1811) and appointed Justice of the Peace (1821). During Macquarie's administration, Antill was the Governor's constant companion and advisor, accompanying him on tours of the colony. His own account of `an Excursion over the Blue or Western Mountains' of NSW in 1815 is in the Mitchell Library (transcribed by G. Mackaness, Fourteen Journeys: 75-90). He was Chairman of the Committee of the Native Institution (1819), and a member of the Committees of the Female Orphan Institution, Male Orphan Institution and Public School Institution, and in April 1820 sat on a Special Committee of the Male Orphan Institution to report on the state of education in the colony. He was signatory to petitions seeking Government assistance towards the erection of the Roman Catholic Chapel at Hyde Park, and for assistance in establishing a Presbyterian church. Antill received grants of land at Cowpastures in 1821, retiring in 1825 and built his estate at Jarvisfield (near Picton), in the Campbelltown district. He was made a magistrate in 1829 and appointed local superintendent of police.


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