Raine, Thomas (1803 - )


Thomas Raine was a convict assigned to the mission. His role and duties on the mission were the subject of dispute between Watson and Gunther/Porter.

Career Highlights

Thomas Raine was tried at the York Assizes 17 March 1832, age 30, receiving a life sentence for sheep stealing. He arrived in NSW on the Mary III in 1833 and was assigned to William Watson. On 11 February 1841 he was granted a ticket-of-leave for the Wellington District. On 28 May 1845 he married Tiresa Kelly of Montefiores, the ceremony performed by Watson and witnessed by William King and Elizabeth Whittle of Montefiores. On 30 April 1847 he was received a "Ticket of Leave Passport", allowing him to remain in the service of Andrew Kerr in the Border District of Wellington for 12 months. A daughter Alice Raine was born in 1847 at Chain of Ponds, baptised by Watson, at which time Thomas Raine was employed as a shepherd. He received his Conditional Pardon on 1 October 1848.

We are indebted to Sue Dahlke of Queensland, great-great grandaughter of Alice Raine, for discussion of her ancestors.