Burrow, Reverend Edward John (1785 - 1861)

Born: England (Sutton, Surrey)

Acting Military Chaplain at Cape Town (1832-34) and member of Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Cape Town and Wynberg (1831-33).


Career Highlights

Reverend Burrows was born in Sutton, Surrey on 29 June 1785, the son of Edward Broadley Burrow. He was ordained Deacon in 1808 and Priest in 1810, and was Perpetual Curate of Bempton, in the diocese of York (1810-1816), and Minister of Hampstead Chapel of Ease, near London (1816-1823). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in February 1818 and awarded the degrees of Bachelor of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity from Trinity College, Oxford, in 1820. Burrow emigrated to the Cape in 1831 where he took the post of acting Military Chaplain, Cape Town (1832-1834), Civil Chaplain (1835-1842), and Archdeacon of Gibraltar (1842-1859). He returned to England and died at Honiton, Devon, on 8 August 1861.