Cowper, Reverend William (1778 - 1858)

Born: England (Whittington, Lancashire)

Anglican clergyman, evangelist and missionary, member and secretary of the Sydney Corresponding Committee of the CMS, later Archdeacon.


Career Highlights

Reverend Cowper came to NSW in 1809 as assistant chaplain under Reverend Samuel Marsden, ministering at the St. Phillip's Church in Sydney. He was a member of the committee of the Orphan School from August 1809, Treasurer of the Orphan and Jail Funds and Trustee of the Female Orphan Institution from 1810, and was appointed to the committee of the Native Institution in 1814. Cowper returned to England in the mid 1830s for treatment of his cataracts, but was otherwise resident in Macquarie Place, Sydney, during the years of the Wellingon Valley Mission.


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