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vi. 4 February 1833

Letter 6: Watson to Sydney Corresponding Committee, 4 February1833, p.1.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/6
MS page no: 2-021


[Noted in red] Rec. Aug. 16/34

Extract from a Letter of the Rev W. Watson,
Dated 4 Feb 1833.

The white men at the different stations, at least some of them, have laboured hard to prevent the Blacks and their children from coming to me. There is a great spirit of Revenge manifested against me because I have opposed the abominable practice of living in adultery and fornication with Black women and Black girls. Your soul would be horrified in the extreme if you were acquainted with only a fraction of the circumstances that have come to my knowledge. A short time ago we had a little girl about 8 or 9 years of age, she went away with her Father. I am told that a Stockman, whom I know well, is living with her as his wife and that this monster of Iniquity has sometimes 3 or 4 such children living with him at the same time in this manner. 3 weeks ago a girl came here and remains (perhaps she is 10 or 11 years of age) with us. She had the Disease and told me it was given her by a Stockman, about 3 miles from me. Narrang Jackey left a young gin (about 12 years of age) with us, 2 months

Letter 6: Watson to Sydney Corresponding Committee, 4 February1833, p.2.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/6
MS page no: 2-022


ago, very bad of the Disease. She got cured and Jackey let her remain; 10 days ago he was going into the bush and wanted to take Nancy away but I had too much reason to believe that he wanted to leave her with the Stockman with whom Rachel (King Bobby’s gin) lives, and who murdered the child which she bore to him. I would not let Nancy go. The Stockman infuriated Jackey’s mind so much that he told a Blackfellow he would spear Nancy when he came back. What did this disappointed Stockman do but spread a report that Narrang Jackey had said he was going down to Munore to get a lot of Wild Blacks and to lay wait for me to kill me the first time I should go into the bush. And he told two Black fellows, King Bobby and another, to tell me that Narrang Jackey told them this; but they would not. They told me it was Keller, the stockman, that wanted them to say so.

[Noted in red] Feb. 4/33
Rev. Wm Watson