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vi(b). 4 February 1833

Letter 6b: Watson and Handt to Hill, 22 January 1834, p.1.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/6
MS page no: 2-023


[Note] Rec. June 23/35

from Messrs Watson and Handt [41]
22 January 1834

Dear Sir
In reply to your letter dated the 8th Instant [42] the missionaries state
That with regard to the Military no particular arrangements have been made but they have been provided with rations except spirits.
That relative to the fourth resolution the members of the mission agree.
That in reference to the 5th resolution Mr Handt being interrogated as to the nature of the several questions which he proposed relative to his personal convenience remarks that he only proposed two questions first with respect to a servant and secondly to an increase of salary. Mr Handt has been able to procure a little soldiers girl of the Military here stationed who will be an assistant to Mrs Handt for the present. Should however her assistance fail the missionaries agree that Mr Handt should have one of the assigned servants.
That with reference to the 8th Resolution referring to that portion of the Aboriginal language prepared by the Revd Mr Threlkeld, forwarded here some months ago not having been seen by Mr Handt Mr Watson has to

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Letter 6b: Watson and Handt to Hill, 22 January 1834, p.2.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/6
MS page no: 2-024


observe that having examined it, he could find no similarity between it and the dialect spoken by the Aboriginal natives in this district. Moreover he has been daily expecting for the last twelve months to receive from the Revd R Hill the remaining parts of the Aboriginal language forwarded to him (Mr Hill, from the Revd Mr Threlkeld by desire of the Venble. Archdeacon in October or November 1832
That the missionaries agree that Mr Watson should go at present into the bush among the Blacks.

signed J.C.S. Handt
William Watson

[transcript incomplete]

Wellington, Jan.22/34
Rev. Messes Watson + Handt
Rev. R. Hill

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