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iii. 4 June 1832

Letter 3: Watson to Coates, Sydney 4 June 1832, p.1.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/3
MS page no: 2-009


Dear Sir
I am sorry to have to inform you of the Venerable the Archdeacon’s having this night by letter to the Reverend Rd Hill tender’d his resignation as a member of the Committee of the C.M. Society and also at the same time desired his name might be struck off the list of Subscribers. The reason he assigns is that the Church Missionary Society has treated him with a want of courtesy and interfered in arrangements which were in the department of his duties. For the same reason he does not acknowledge me in my Clerical capacity, saying he has not Canonical authority over me, and therefore he has prohibited me from preaching in any and in every church in the Colony. How very deeply this affects my situation cannot be in any degree ascertained or imagined by any persons not living in the immediate vicinity, the inconveniences that will arise to me, as well as the injustice of prohibiting a clergyman (of unexceptional character) in English Orders, and ordained for this very Colony, are seen clearly and felt deeply by one of incalculable worth to your Society, and who has advised me, as the best and, indeed, only efficient way of obviating these difficulties, to apply to you to get me appointed as Chaplain, which would place me on a proper footing with the Archdeacon, and give him that ecclesiastical authority over me which he desires to exercise. As the sum of money appointed for the support of two missionaries, is exactly the allowance to 2 chaplains their would be no pecuniary difficulties in the way, there would be merely a nominal appointment,

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Letter 3: Watson to Coates, Sydney 4 June 1832, p.2.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/3
MS page no: 2-010

which the Bishop of London is perhaps prepared either to forward or disannul. The Revd Secretary is placed in very unpleasant circumstances from this turn of affairs, his connexion with Society’s Committee lays him open to the inconveniences which a certain dignitary may chuse to throw in his way. As soon as the Archdeacon return’d from the country, the Revd Richd Hill introduced me to him, he welcom’d me to New South Wales, and treated me in the most Xtn and affectionate manner, look’d over my “Letters of Orders”, said he would have me entered on the list with the other Chaplains, as I was a Clergyman in English Orders employ’d under Government, and he gave me full liberty to assist the Chaplains. I assisted for two Sabbaths, taking occasional duty in the week; but after that, when he learnt from the Governor, the dispatches and from the Society’s Instructions to the Committee here, that the management of the Mission was not to be given up solely into his hands he immediately prohibited me as before named. The Revd Secretary has, I suppose, told you the present state of affairs in reference to the Mission. He has with great propriety avoided mentioning those topics which might involve him (as Chaplain) in unpleasant circumstances, it being [h]is anxious desire to pay the greatest respect to his Ecclesiastical Superiors, while at the same time he is desirous of fulfilling faithfully the trust reposed in him as Your Secretary. We are bound to both feel and express the most fervent gratitude for the hospitality and Kindness with which we have been treated by both him and Mrs Hill. Before you receive this I hope we shall at least have erected the Standard of the Cross

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Letter 3: Watson to Coates, Sydney 4 June 1832, p.3.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/3
MS page no: 2-011


where Christ has not been named. O that we may ever repose on the arm of him in whom our strength lies. May we be enabled to recommend X’t as well by our lives as by our preaching. Mr Hill advises me when we want any things from England to employ an agent who will transact our business (gratuitously) and draw on you for the amount, in order to avoid giving the Society any needless trouble. I think it was an oversight in you not to furnish us with writing papers. I suppose I had a Quire [27] (and had to prepare 3 or 4 Sermons every week during the voyage of 7 months) and especially as we were coming to a country where Stationary is double or treble the price it is in England. If you think proper to send us any out, along with writing papers it would be a great saving to us, if you would forward also a Rheam or 2 of Scribbling paper. There is another thing which is very necessary for our station which we overlooked, namely Blankets for the natives. My proposal was to obtain a loan from New Zealand if we could till we should have some sent from England. Mr Hill approved of the plan. Above, when I referr’d to the subject of employing an agent, I ought to have told you that my Friend whom I shall engage is Mr Richard Marshall, 6 Barnsbury St Islington, who has been some 20 or 30 years in the bank of Messrs Curries Cornhill and whose daughters, the Miss Marshalls, are Missy Collectors and District Visitors well known, I believe, to the Revd Daniel Wilson.[28] I mention the person that if you deem it advisable you may make enquiries.

I remain
Dr Sir
yours faithfully
Willm Watson.

Sydney June 4/32.

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Letter 3: Watson to Coates, Sydney 4 June 1832, p.4.
Class Mark: C N/O 92/3
MS page no: 2-012


[Dated] June 4/32.
[Addressed to] D. Coates Esqre, Church Missy House, Salisbury Square, London
[Noted in red ink] Sydney, June 4/32, Rev. Wm Watson

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