The original manuscripts of the Wellington mission papers are part of the Church Missionary Society Archives housed in the Heslop Room of the University of Birmingham Library, England. We are grateful to Mr Ken Osborne, Records Manager of the Church Missionary Society, for permission to reproduce the Wellington mission papers.

This edition has been prepared from Australian Joint Copying Project microfilm held by Auchmuty Library, University of Newcastle, NSW, and purchased with the aid of the Light Bequest in 1994.

From 1995-97, this project has been made possible by small grants from the University of Newcastle RMC and the Australian Research Council.

In 1996, the NSW Aboriginal Land Council approved this project and appointed Rose Chown and other members of the Wellington Wiradjuri community as collaborators with the chief researcher. (This project is not related to recent determinations of the Native Land Tribunal in the matter of the Wellington Town Common.)

Images used in this project have been reproduced with the permission of the National Library, Canberra and the Mitchell Library, Sydney. We acknowlege the support of the State Library of New South Wales who generously waived their usual reproduction fees.

Hilary Carey also thanks librarians and archivists in Australia, the US and the UK: Mitchell Library, Sydney; the library of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra; Martha Smalley at the Day Missions Library, Yale Divinity School; Birmingham University Library, Birmingham; the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London; as well as the research team of the North Atlantic Missiology Project and Kerry Bassinger of the Royal Commonwealth Society Library, Cambridge, for their assistance.

The editors are deeply indebted to Susan West for her patient and thorough work on sections of the manuscripts and transcripts, and for her contribution to researching the people and places that permeate the story of the Wellington Valley mission.

The 2002 edition could not have succeeded with the help of Joanne Evans of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, who helped guide us through the use of AUSTEHC's Web Academic Resource Publisher (WARP) software.

We would also like to acknowledge the many people who have conrtributed ideas and information. We thank our South African contact, Mervyn Smith, City of George, Western Cape, an elder and Member of the Order of Lay Preachers of the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa who has a keen scholarly and antiquarian interest in the records of Africana Missiology. Thanks to Ron Harper and Ted Freeman for discussions relating to the missionary, John Harper, and to Liz Vincent of Picton NSW, for discussion of the early history of the Camden district.