Vol 1 - The papers of J.C.S. Handt, 1830-42


The original manuscripts of the papers of Reverend J.C.S. Handt are held with the Church Missionary Society papers in Birmingham University Library (Class Mark C.N./O 51). This edition has been prepared from microfilm copied under the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) as part of its Miscellaneous series, M173-198 and 199-243. The Handt Papers appear in AJCP M225. Note that the microfilmed pages are in some places out of order, and there is some duplication. The editors have restored the correct order of pages for this edition, so that the transcript page numbers differ from that of the AJCP microfilm.

1.1 Reverend Handt's Letters comprises 12 items written between 1830-42. They include a letter to Handt from Blumhardt, dated 29 September 1830, and Handt's response to Blumhardt's criticisms in a letter to the CMS dated 8 October 1830. Letter 6, 23 April 1832, is excessively long and more reminiscent of a quarterly Journal, detailing Handt's travels and experiences during the months he spent in NSW waiting for the mission to commence. It provides an enlightening view of the sights and characters of the Sydney region through the eyes of a distinguished and highly curious newcomer. There are also two letters written in 1841 and 1843 from Moreton Bay, several years after Handt withdrew from the Wellington Valley mission. These have been included in the present volume.

1.2 Reverend Handt's Journals contains 12 installments of a journal kept more or less quarterly for the three years or so that Handt worked at Wellington Valley (with the exception only of a first quarterly installment for the period January-March 1833). It ends abruptly in December 1835 when Handt abandoned the mission. The present volume does not include 15 quarterly installments of Handt's journal submitted from Moreton Bay between 1837-1841.

1.3 Reverend Handt's Report features one annual report for 1835. In that year, when the relationship between Handt and Watson deteriorated irrevocably, each lodged their own separate Report. Most of the Wellington Valley mission Reports are filed with William Watson's papers, including Watson's own Report for 1835 (Class Mark C.N. O 92/28).

Note that the precise Class Marks on the Handt papers are yet to be confirmed