Vol 3 - The papers of James Günther, 1837-42


Reverend James Günther born at Nagold, Würtemburg, 12 May 1806. Like Handt, he was a graduate of the Basle Mission Institute, trained by Reverend Theopilus Blumhardt. He also studied Ecclesiastical History at the University of Basle. From October 1832 he attended the CMS Institution at Islington and was ordained deacon later that year. He was ordained priest in 1836. Günther was appointed to the New Holland Mission in July 1836. Shortly after, he married Lydia Paris of Wilmington, Kent, and together they sailed to New South Wales on the emigrant ship, Brothers, arriving in Sydney on 8 April 1837. While in Sydney, he met and befriended Reverend Handt, who had recently abandoned the Wellington Valley mission after a protracted and venomous dispute with the Watsons. Handt found him "an agreeable and harmless" character and, as Lydia Günther noted in her letter to Reverend William Jowett (Letter 5), warned him of what to expect from the Watsons at Wellington. The Günthers did not depart for Wellington until July, and did not arrive till August.