3.1 Reverend Günther's Letters

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i. 7 January 1837

Letter 1: Günther to Coates, 7 January 1837, p.1.
Class Mark: C N/O 47/1
MS page no: 3-001

[note] Recd. 8/37

On Board the Brothers January 1/1837
at anchor near Mt. Lago Cape Verde Islands

Dear Sir,
It has been my sincere wish for some time past to have an opportunity of sending letters to England the more so on account of my omission not answering the request of my respected Committee. I mean the neglect of writing immediately to my embarcation at Portsmouth or by the Pilot with the acknowledgment of the reception of my written Instructions; it was omitted by an oversight for which I sincerely beg pardon. I regret to say before I proved that I have only short time for writing and that in haste. When we arrived here it being the day before yesterday we understood there was no opportunity for sending to England; now this evening or rather late in the night after having tired myself to day by an excursion to the Isle I am told there will soon be a vessel to Lisbon to morrow morning our Captain intends leaving. You will doubtless be surprised to hear we have

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Letter 1: Günther to Coates, 7 January 1837, p.2.
Class Mark: C N/O 47/1
MS page no: 3-002


not proceeded any further by this time it being more than two months since we left London we were however at and near Portsmouth detained more than ten days From the time we sailed (which was November 15th) our patience has been almost in one [?] not a little tried and some times impatience, more natural to us than the former has been excited. We had a most tedious voyage indeed and perhaps I may say dangerous too, if required to say no more at least all the skill and activity of the mariner who after all was now & then “At his wit’s end”; the mercy and favour of the Almighty it was that helped us through. First we were for almost a fortnight beaten about in the English channel then in what they call St. George’s Channel nearly always contending with contrary wind and some times with heavy gales. Afterwards we were for a considerable time driven and beaten about in the Bay of Biskay we were again and again driven back there or too much toward Africa we had a few heavy storms there one accompanied with thunder & lightning in a terrific manner

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Letter 1: Günther to Coates, 7 January 1837, p.3.
Class Mark: C N/O 47/1
MS page no: 3-003

this ceased however soon again but another one lasted almost the whole of the day when the appearance of the sea was as frightful as you can imagine. The sails were all taken in and we were left to the mercy of the sea? no[t] to the mercy of him “whose it is and who made it” When we at last had past the Bay we were [?] by many a calm or still foul wind. Nor did we enjoy the benefit of the Trades when we had passed Madeira not even not 28 Saturday not before we were in the Latitude of about 20 which is a most extraordinary case. By this foul wind we were driven near the coast of Africa till we at last could proceed to the place we are now. The Captain who has been Commander of vessels for these 20 years does not recollect such an unfavourable passage. But on the whole we are safe & well now after having suffered a good deal from sea sickness Mrs. Gunther rather less than I for which I was very thankful. I had almost forgotten that in the English Channel one man was lost of the sailors over board. It was three weeks ago that I for the first time could hold regular service on deck which was quite an enjoyment to me but with the exception of one Sunday I had always a short service with the Emigrants on board of a [which] you will be aware. I have a sufficient spehre [sic] of labour [??] enable me to be a blessing to all of them. Excuse [?] please.

Your obedient Servant


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Letter 1: Günther to Coates, 7 January 1837, p.4.
Class Mark: C N/O 47/1
MS page no: 3-004


[addressed to] D. Coates Esq.
Church Missionary House
Salisbury Square
Fleet Street

[note] Jan 7/37
Rev. J. Günther

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