3.1 Reverend Günther's Letters - Annotations

  1. S.Tiago, the largest island of the Cape Verde group which lie off the coast of Senegal. [Return to page 8]
  2. The dissatisfaction of the Günthers (particularly Lydia) with their accommodation became, according to Watson, one of the major sources of disharmony on the mission. See Watson’s Reply, 1840. See also Günther Journal, 17 November 1837, 10 March 1838 and 13 March 1838 for complaints about the facilities. [Return to page 16]
  3. The head of this letter includes a note in William Cowper’s clear hand: “It must once for all be said that the Natives of New Holland are in such a low state of savage life and naturally exercise so bad judgement as to what tends for their benefit that the less temptations there all the [better] will be the consequences. They can in their savage state only imitate examples and not of principles. I agree with Mr Günther in the sentiments by him expressed in this letter. [signed] William Cowper” Cowper has also corrected one or two points in the letter. [Return to page 17]
  4. Günther had written ‘deceitful’. Cowper has crossed this out and replaced ‘selfish & ungenerous’ [Return to page 18]
  5. Watson later complained that Handt had prejudiced the Gunther’s against him, undermining any chance of a cooperative partnership. See Watson’s Reply, 1840. [Return to page 24]