Correspondence between the British and NSW governments

Bourke to Goderich, 5 August 1832

[HRA 1, 16: 691-2.]

Government House, 5th August, 1832.

My Lord,

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Lordship's despatch of the 31 Decr. last, enclosing Copies of Correspondence which took place between the office of the Secretary of State for the Colonies and the Church Missionary So-ciety, relative to a Mission to the Aborigines of New South Wales to be Sent out and Superintended by that Society upon receiving an Annual grant of £500 from the Revenues of the Colony.

In obedience to Your Lordship's lnstructions contained in the despatch, I have obtained front the Legislative Council a grant of £500 for the use of the Mission for the year 1832, and have Supplied the Agents of the Society with half that Amount to enable them to Commence their Undertaking immediately. I have also given to them the occupation of the Government Buildings at Wellington Valley, where the Agricultural Establishment has been broken up, as being a convenient Station for holding intercourse with the Native Tribes. I will not fail to give the Mission every support in my power.

Mr. Watson arrived in the Month of June last. His coadjutor Mr. Handt, had arrived some time previous; but I have not Considered the Mission as Complete, Until the arrival of the former and accordingly I have directed the Annual payment to Commence from that date.

With respect to grants of Land formerly ordered for or given to other Societies for the purpose of inducing thein to Undertake the task of instructing and Civilizing the Aborigines of this Colony, I have the honor to acquaint, Your Lordship that such grants were either not called for, or being taken, have been resumed by Government so that no Land is now in possession of ally of those Societies

I have, &c.,