4.2 William Porter's Journals - Annotations

  1. Raymond’s overseer was William Piggins (see WellPro Directory). [Return to page 40]
  2. Reverend Richard Taylor visited the mission from 3-7 November 1838 (see WellPro Directory). His report to the Sydney Committee is contained in the Appendices. [Return to page 42]
  3. William Turner, clerk of the bench and postmaster at Wellington, 1838-1838 (see WellPro Directory) [Return to page 45]
  4. Socinian, ie. of the Socinian sect, a 16th Century rationalist Christian group founded on the anti-Trinitarian teachings of the Italian-born lay theologian, Faustus Socinus. Socinian and Unitarian influences were established in England in 1774 with the founding of the Essex Street Chapel in London by Theophilus Lindsey. The British Unitarian Association was founded in May 1825. [Return to page 45]