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The Awabakal people who worked as consultants and contributors on the Awaba project wish to make it clear that their personal approval of, and participation in the Awaba project, does not guarantee the support and authorisation of the entire local Aboriginal community. The editors of the Aboriginal Missions and Reserves Historical Database (AMRHD) have undertaken to remain open to consultation with all other parties interested in or affected by the content of this site.

The digital presentation of historical materials raises a number of issues. Though all the historical resources presented here are, to varying degrees, "on the public record", the AMRHD editors accept that their publication on the WWW is vastly different to their being housed in libraries and archival collections. All care has been taken to avoid the reproduction of culturally restricted material, or material that jeopardises Aboriginal sacred and significant sites.

It is also most important to recognise that the historical materials relating to the Awabakal are reflections of the social and cultural ideologies of the period in which they were written. Such documents need to be analysed by critiquing what we now recognise as out-dated and unsupported theories of human difference according to race, and notions of "primitivity" that may be reflected within them. One of the advantages of this electronic gateway is that these historical materials may be prefaced with contextual and critical comments, accommodating the understandings of the Awabakal community and the views of contemporary academics and experts.

It should be understood that Awaba has been established as an ongoing concern, amendable to corrections and contributions. The editors welcome any inquiries, suggestions or material that may expand and enhance an understanding of Aboriginal society in the Newcastle-Lake Macquarie region. The AMRHD editors, and individual contributors, can be reached from the CONTACT US page.


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Citation: D.A. Roberts, H.M. Carey and V. Grieves, Awaba: A Database of Historical Materials Relating to the Aborigines of the Newcastle-Lake Macquarie Region, University of Newcastle, 2002
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